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One size conservative radio does not fit all. Situated in California's Central Valley, TalkRadio 1680 KGED broadcasts top syndicated talkers and the next generation of talk radio. 

TalkRadio 1680 KGED's partnership with ABC Radio and California Network News takes listeners closer to the news around the state, nation, and world. 


From Hugh Hewitt to Alex Jones and everywhere in between, TalkRadio 1680 KGED was a vision of Guillermo Moreno and Lisa Moreno where all viewpoints are respected and showcased.


TalkRadio 1680 KGED is also indebted to Compass Broadcasting and trail blazers of 1680 The Answer for keeping the passion of a locally owned talk radio station alive.   

From the legendary talk radio programmer, board ops, traffic engineer (Jose Monroy), long standing programming, and on-air talent, TalkRadio 1680 is family.